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Sitara's Favorites

I'm a Southerner by birth, born and raised in the East Tennessee hills and lived many years in New Orleans before journeying to the Pacific Northwest. 

My tastes are varied and eclectic.   I love foods from many cultures and nationalities and that  love is reflected in my cooking.  Soul Food does not just mean dishes from the South or from African-American culture, soul food is whatever food feeds your soul as well as your stomach.   I've found some serious soul food from Mexico, Japan, China, Russia, etc., and it makes my heart as well as my stomach sing.

So, Hizzoner's customers could look forward to many different kinds of lunch specials, and I had a great time preparing them.  You'll find the dishes I did for lunch specials in the Lunch Specials section of Recipes.

The recipes listed here in this section are just some of my random favorites things.

I hope you have as good a time making these as I do.

Eat food that has been prepared with love.  Don't eat poison.