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Cooking Tips

I am not a classically trained chef.  I did not go to an institute (though I'm certain there are those who would have liked to put me in an institution)!  I learned in my Mother's kitchen and in the kitchens of many others.  I also experiment with combinations, flavors and ingredients all the time.   I guess I have, what we called in the South, a "knack" for cooking.  

I think that, today, many people have made chefs celebrities and think that having "Chef" title means knowing everything and being a fabulous cook.   Well, not so much.

I have known many Chefs, some I can call friend.  I have known some who had great technical skills and still couldn't cook a lick.   I think you need a bit of innate "knowing" about what goes good with what.    I even hired a couple of people who graduated from 'chef school' and considered themselves chefs and still had not a clue as to how to cook.

Don't get me wrong.   There are tons of great Chef's out there that I have enormous respect for and could not begin to hold a candle to and their creativity and innovation bring me great inspiration for my own journey in the wonderful world of cooking.

In this section I'll pass on my discoveries and tried and true methods that I've learned over the years, things I did and do  to bring out flavor and put a recipe together to make a great tasting dish or meal.  

I'm always willing to talk about food.  If you don't find something here to answer a question you might have, just go to the contact page and email me. 

I love to cook with wine.  Sometimes I even put it in the food !!!