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When I was a child the only time we had chicken was for Sunday Dinner.   Back in the dark ages when I was young, chicken was not the everyday plentiful thing it is today.    Plus, we raised our own, as most people did who had a little patch of ground for a chicken coop.   

Chicken has always been a big favorite for me, maybe it is because I  so looked forward to it as our 'Sunday dinner" treat.     Of course it was usually good ol' Southern fried chicken, my all time favorite thing to eat. 

Turkey was only for Thanksgiving so we only had that treat once a year and the Thanksgiving meal lasted a week!!!!    

I never even heard of a Cornish game hen until I was grown and out of the nest, so to speak.  But since I left home my culinary travels have taken me to many kinds of poultry and many ways to prepare it.

I hope you enjoy these dishes as much as I have.