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This is a decadent chocolate pecan pie.  The name of this pie tells you Kentucky Derby Pieit's history.                                                   

At Derby time there a lots and lots of parties and luncheons on the lawn and this pie was a favorite.  It is still served but not just at Derby time.  There is a restaurant which has patented the name "Derby Pie" but there are several variations out there.   This one is the best, in my opinion.

Recipe By     : Sitara
Serving Size  : 10   Preparation Time :2:00
Categories    : Pies & Pastry

  Amount     Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------           ------------       --------------------------------
  1/4             cup                 butter -- melted
   1               cup                 sugar
   3               large               egg
  3/4            cup                  Karo syrup, light
  1/4            teaspoon        salt
   1              teaspoon        vanilla
   2              tablespoons   good bourbon
   1 1/2       cups                 semi sweet chocolate chips
   1             cup                   chopped pecans
   1                    pie crust  (9 inch) --see my pie crust recipe

In mixing bowl beat butter, sugar, eggs, corn syrup salt and vanilla together until
creamy.    Beat in bourbon.   Fold in chocolate chips and nuts.

Pour into pie shell and bake at 350º  40 - 50 minutes until pie is browning at the crust and starting to 'poof' in the center.

Cool on a rack, thoroughly, before cutting.

To serve re-warm  and serve with ice cream or chantilly cream.