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Fear not, you too can make Hollandaise........easy peasy!!!

One of the best things in the world is Hollandaise sauce.  A central part of many dishes, including eggs Benedict, Hollandaise (French for "Dutch") sauce is about as rich and luxurious as a sauce Hollandaise Saucegets. It's excellent with fish, vegetables, chicken, etc.

It's really easy to make. But you’d never know it unless someone like me unlocked “the secret” for you. That’s because the restaurants and chefs who make it tend to say things like, “Well, it’s really tricky, so…” or, “You have to be so careful because if you blink you’ll get lumps in the sauce.”  Or "you must be very careful or it will separate".  But they’re lying to you to keep you from discovering how easy it really is.

So, here goes.

To make Hollandaise:

Melt a half stick of butter in the microwave or in a pot.

 In a metal or glass bowl whisk two egg yolks with the juice of half a lemon (about 2 tablespoons), add salt, pepper, and some cayenne.   Grate a little of the zest of the lemon in there too.

Set this bowl over a simmering pot of water - "Hey the one you used to poach an egg would work." Continue whisking as you stream in the melted butter very slowly.     

It will set after a minute and get shiny,  and you have made Hollandaise.

Ta Da !!  How easy was that?!!

You can use Hollandaise as a base for other stuff as well.    Try these:

Lime Hollandaise

Exchange the lemon zest and juice for lime zest and juice in the basic recipe. Like lemon Hollandaise, serve with any kind of seafood or fresh water fish and crustaceans.

Basil Hollandaise

Add chopped basil to the finished Hollandaise, perfect in spring with new season asparagus and a great sauce for vegetables.

Béarnaise sauce

See the cheaters way to Bearnaise recipe in the Sauces section.