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What the heck is "positive eating"?

Positive eating means getting rid of the 'diet' mentality and instead focusing on eating real food, adding seasonal vegetables, nuts, berries and other healthy things to your meals.  

Positive eating means going for real and fresh as opposed to pre-packaged and fast food. It means that you are not obsessing over calories, fat grams, carb grams, etc., you are just making sure you are feeding your body the nutrition it needs.

Positive eating means focusing on the pleasure of eating fresh, home cooked meals or enjoying a meal out with friends without all that "oh it's bad for my waistline" thoughts.  It means dropping the mentality that things are bad for you and focusing instead on what is nourishing to the body.Sweatshirt

People who are continually on some kind of 'diet' has gone down by almost a third in the last few years as they figure out that nutrition is not something you get from a pill or some huckster on TV.   Most people would rather focus on what to eat instead of what NOT to eat.   And a lot of people are finding that our dependence on processed foods and highly refined foods is unhealthy to say the least.

Nutrition, real nutrition comes from the real fruits, vegetables and proteins that we eat and fresh food has finally come back into style.    And with it comes revisiting the pure pleasure of preparing those foods and sharing them with family and friends.    Sales of organic foods has risen sharply and farmers markets are now found in almost every city and town.  There is an increase in small family farms as local, fresh foods are becoming more in demand.

I thank people like Alice Waters and The Slow Food movement for bringing to the forefront of the minds of Americans that food and cooking is to be celebrated and demystified.     If we all eat more whole and unprocessed foods and added more fruits and vegetables, good fats and proteins into our everyday meals we would be happier and healthier.  And studies have found that the more time you spend on food shopping, cooking and kitchen stuff, the more likely you are to move to your ideal weight.   The study found that people of normal weight spent more time on meal-related tasks than people who were overweight.

So stop thinking of food as your enemy.  Food is essential to life and the secret is to enjoy completely both the preparation of it and the consumption of it.  Of course this means we will do more cooking!!!!!    And of course I am all for that.   

Eat better, not less.  Now that is positive eating.   And that's real Soul Food.