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These Cajun Crawfish and Rice Cakes were a favorite for catering events and lunch specials.  They can be sized for a dinner entree or made smaller for appetizers or hors d'oeuvres.

Serving Size  : 10 cakes     Preparation Time :   1:40
Categories    :  New Orleans/Cajun/Creole
                Main Dishes    Appetizers           Seafood

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------      ------------  --------------------------------
   4            ounces        andouille sausage--minced
   1 1/2     pounds        crawfish tails, chopped -- drain and save  liquid to use.
   2           cups              cooked rice
   5           large             eggs
   1           bunch           green onion -- chopped very small
   1           pound          grated parmesan cheese
   1 1/2    teaspoons   minced  garlic -- sauteed in butter gently till just coloring
   1           tablespoon  chopped parsley
  1/2        cup                 mayonnaise
  1/2        teaspoon       Tabasco sauce
   1/4       cup                  half and half

If you have a Cuisinart or food processor  this only takes a couple of minutes.   Otherwise, you have some chopping to do.

1.  Whisk together eggs, half & half, mayo, Tabasco and liquid from crawfish and put in large bowl.
2.  In Cuisinart chop andouille till fairly small dice and add to bowl.
     Process  crawfish tails till  coarse chopped  and add to bowl.
3.  Saute' the garlic in butter till just starting to color and add to bowl.
4.  Add cooked rice and rest of ingredients and mix everything together so everything is evenly distributed.
5. Mold into cakes.  Coat with flour and set aside to rest while your skillet is heating up.
6. Preheat large heavy bottomed  skillet a couple of minutes on medium high.  Add 1/2 cup of canola oil and a large pat of  butter.  When the butter stops foaming it is ready.   Saute cakes a few at a time.  Don't crowd because it will affect the temperature of your oil and cause uneven browning.    
7.  Place cakes on baking sheet and finish in  350 oven for 10-15  minutes turning once.

Serve two cakes per person for an entree.    If you are making small ones for appetizers, use a small ice cream scoop to make the cakes a uniform size.  The small ones will cook through in the skillet and won't need to be finished in the oven. 

Serve with a Tabasco mayo  or with remoulade sauce.

If you happen to have any leftovers, they are wonderful cold on top of a mixed green salad with a thinned down remoulade as a salad dressing.