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This is a wonderful sauce that originated in Spain by Spanish fishermen.  It was served mostly with fish.  Romesco Sauce Nowadays you can serve it  with almost anything.    I really like it served with grilled rib eye steak or fillet.

My version is one that can be served with fish, poultry, steak, etc.    Romesco sauce has layers of complex flavors that compliment whatever you serve it with.   It's even perfect as a topping for crostini as an appetizer,  or a dip.

Recipe By     : Sitara   
Preparation Time :0:15
Categories    : Sauces, Dips, Spreads

  Amount   Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
   --------     ------------       --------------------------------
      1        small/medium  red bell pepper, remove stem and seeds but leave whole
      1        cup                   ripe red cherry tomatoes  -   or 3 medium plum or round tomatoes
      2        large                cloves garlic - peeled
      2        tablespoons    almonds -  roasted or raw    ( I like the roasted ones)
      2        tablespoons    hazelnuts - roasted or raw    ( I like the roasted ones)
1.  Heat a cast iron or heavy skillet to very hot and put the above ingredients in the skillet and shake them around till the tomatoes and pepper are blistered and beginning to char in spots.  

2.  Remove to your food processor, or blender,  and add:
     1          teaspoon        ground hot new Mexico chili or one dried Ancho or New Mexico chili that
                                         has been soaked in boiling water while you charred the vegetables.
     1          teaspoon        hot Spanish paprika
     2          tablespoons   red wine vinegar
   1/3        cup                  olive oil
                                       Tabasco Sauce (to taste) opional

3.  Process by pulsing till smooth but still with little chunks.   Taste for salt.   Taste for tang  and add a tiny bit more vinegar if you think it needs more.  If you like it with a bit more bite add a couple shakes of Tabasco...I did and the smoky Tabasco made the sauce, IMHO.