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This dressing has the flavors and aromas of the Near East. Yogurt Dressing

You can find orange flower water in stores that sell Middle Eastern ingredients.  

The orange flower water gives the dressing it's unique flavor profile.

  Recipe By     : Sitara
Serving Size  : 8   Preparation Time :0:30
Categories    : Salad Dressings

 Amount     Measure     Ingredient -- Preparation Method

1/2                cup              fresh mint leaves
1                   cup              plain low fat yogurt  
1/2                cup              heavy cream  
1                 tablespoon  fresh lemon juice
2                 drops            orange flower water
                Kosher salt to taste
1                 teaspoon      freshly-ground high quality black pepper  
1                 cup                 very high quality extra virgin olive oil
 2                                       scallions, chopped fine

Pull leaves off mint stems. Finely chop leaves.
Put everything but the olive oil into a bowl and combine with a whisk.

While continuing to whisk, slowly add the olive oil. Whisk until all the oil is incorporated.

Use this dressing for grilled vegetables, fish, romaine lettuce, or lamb.
It would be yummy as a sandwich dressing for a pita sandwich as well.