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Here's the most decadent and delicious way ever to make a breakfast bread that is a double treat.Bacon Cinnamon Roll

They are sweet, salty, bready, bacony and altogether delicious.   After you have made these the first time, get set for demands for a repeat performance as often as your family or friends can talk you into it.

It's so simple to do and so good you will have to restrain yourself from having them every week.....or every day.

These would be great to take to the office when it's your turn to bring somthing for the crew.  Trust me, you will get raves.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
Get  tube of the ready to bake cinnamon rolls you get at the grocery store to make a quickie version.  (If you want to be a pro about it use the 25 Minute Gump Bread recipe in this section.)

Unroll each individual cinnamon roll and place a piece of partially cooked bacon lengthwise along them.

Roll them back up, put them on a baking sheet and pop them into a pre heated oven.

Bake at about 425 for 15 minutes.     Drizzle the still hot rolls with the icing as directed on the package.