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This spread is one of the best party spreads ever.  It is easy to make and your guests will think you hired a caterer.   We served it for catered parties and everyone went crazy for it.

It's creamy and chunky and cheesey and sun dried tomatoey.   What's not to like!

Recipe By     : Sitara
Categories    : Appetizers     Cheese

Amount  Measure            Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------        ------------           --------------------------------
   1              8 oz tub             whipped cream cheese
   1/2           cup                    sour cream
   3             tablespoons     toasted pine nuts
   2             tablespoons     packed fresh basil leaves
   1             large                  garlic clove--minced
   1            7 oz pkg             feta cheese --with herbs & tomatoes
  1/3          cup                     sun-dried tomatoes (packed in oil)

Toast pine nuts in a dry skillet over medium heat for a couple of minutes. Keep tossing and watch carefully because they can brown quickly and you don't want them to burn.  Cool.

Place all ingredients in food pricessor and chop by pulsing till well blended but still slightly chunky.

Serve as a spread with crackers or crostini,  or use as a sandwich spread.