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Where do I start?    Hizzoner's Building

There were so many people to recognize for their love, help and contributions to Hizzoner's.  I don't want to leave anyone out or put anyone in a higher spot than any other because each and every person who supported the restaurant, worked in the restaurant and ate in the restaurant contributed to it's success and well being.  

So I'll just ramble on......

Alan Clammer, the owner of the building and Hizzoner's who hired me to come in and take over and from whom I bought the restaurant.   Alan and Staff

The Early Staff....those hardy souls who were there when I first walked in the door and who helped with the transition and remodel and stuck around to make the place fun again.   One staff member in particular had been with Hizzoner's from the early days back in the 1980's,   Beth Ose,  who worked there for almost 20 years and is no longer with us.Ose

Halloween Staff
Early Staff at Christmas

Dana and Helen

The Customers.....the long suffering folks who came to the deli when it was dark and smelled of cigarette smoke and you still had to go through a cafeteria line and wait in line for some service.   Some actually didn't like the changes, but they came back and eventually felt happy about them.    Thank you for sticking with a place that you felt was yours and who was this crazy woman who came in and changed everything anyway!!!    And thank you to all the customers who patronized Hizzoner's over the years.  You are the people who made the Deli what it was...your place.

Longtime Staff the restaurant business, staff members come and go but there was a group of staff people who stuck around, some longer than others, but these guys helped make Hizzoner's the favorite place for lunch in Bellingham for a lot of years.Bet  I wish I had more pictures.   If anyone has some pictures they could share, I'd love to see them.
  JJJJ and DaveLinda and SusanJamie & LindaThe Gang