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Cafe' au lait

Real, New Orleans-style coffee must be dark roast, brewed strong (understatement), and must include chicory. In fact, most of the coffee drunk in the Crescent City is a coffee-and-chicory blend.
The quintessential New Orleans brand of coffee (and my personal favorite) is Community Coffee. You can order Community on line but other well-known New Orleans coffee-and-chicory brands are French Market and Café du Monde, which can be found  in most better supermarkets.

Community Coffee & Chicory New Orleans Blend

Brew your coffee in a drip coffeemaker only (I use a Melita), and serve with half coffee and half scalded (not steamed!) milk. This is NOT a latte.  No steamed milk or froth on top, please.  I like mine sweet, with two teaspoons of sugar.

•    6 rounded tablespoons dark roast New Orleans coffee with chicory (Community, French Market, CDM,  etc.)
•    6 cups water
•    6 cups milk  (whole is better,  2% is ok)

Bring the water almost to a boil, to a temperature of 204-208 degrees F.  Using a drip-style coffeemaker with filter (Melita type), pour a small amount of the water over the coffee grounds to dampen them, then wait 30 seconds.  Pour more water over the grounds until the filter is full. Allow to drain, then repeat until all the water is used.

Scald, do NOT boil, the milk.  Pour coffee into warmed large mugs, then add the milk. HALF MILK AND HALF COFFEE.   For a dramatic flourish, pour them together from their individual serving pots being careful that they stream down at the same rate, and being even more careful not to pour it into the guest's lap.

YIELD: 12 cups of the best coffee in the world.