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Tujague's Restaurant (pronounced two-jacks) is the second oldest in New Orleans.  Located at 823 Decatur Street in the French Quarter, it's just down from Jackson Square and across from the historic French Market.  Tujague's is over 150 years old, but its food is still fresh and interesting.Tujaques sign  This brisket recipe is one of the best you'll ever try.

Recipe By     : Tujagues, New Orleans
Serving Size  : 15   Preparation Time :4:00
Categories    : Beef         New Orleans/Cajun/Creole
                Luncheon        Main Dishes

  Amount        Measure           Ingredient -- Preparation MethodTujaques Beef Brisket
--------             ------------           --------------------------------
   1                   large                  beef brisket
   2                   large                  onion -- chopped
   4                  cloves                garlic -- chopped
   2                   large                 carrot -- chopped
   2                  cups                  tomatoes -- chopped
   2                  stalks                celery -- chopped
   1              tablespoon          dried red chili
   3                   each                 bay leaf
  1/2                cup                    parsley
   1             tablespoon           thyme
   1             teaspoon             allspice
   1             teaspoon             liquid smoke flavoring
   1             tablespoon          balsamic vinegar
   1             teaspoon             pepper corns
                        beef stock to cover

1.  In heavy pot brown brisket well in hot oil.  Set aside.
2. In same pot brown onion, garlic, carrot.  Add brisket back to pot with tomatoes, celery, dried chili, bay leaves parsley, thyme, allspice peppercorns liquid smoke, balsamic vinegar and stock to cover.

3  Cover Pot with aluminum foil and then lid.  Simmer 3 hours till brisket is fork tender but not falling apart.  

4.  Transfer brisket to pan and let stand.  Then slice into large chunks or 1/4 inch thick slices.

5.  Boil the stock down till about half, Strain, and put brisket back in the liquid.

You can serve the brisket with it's gravy or with creole horseradish sauce, as a main dish, an appetizer or in a brisket sandwich.    It's all good!!