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This is a high falutin' steak sauce that is so good you might want to serve it every time you make a Steak saucesteak, not just for a special occasion or "company".   I would serve it with filets for special occasions or even with good old skirt steak or London broil.   

Recipe By     : Sitara
Serving Size  : 8   Preparation Time :0:20
Categories    : Sauces   Meats   Main Dishes

  Amount     Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    --------       ------------        --------------------------------
     1 1/2        cup            red wine
     3              cloves        garlic - chopped fine
     1 3/4        cup            beef stock
     1 1/4        cup            chicken stock  
     1 1/2        tablespoon   tomato paste
     1              large           bay leaf
     1              sprig           fresh thyme

     8             ounces         lean smoky bacon - chopped
     1             tablespoon   flour    (more if needed)
     5             tablespoon   butter
     1             tablespoon   bourbon

1.  In a sauce pot boil the wine and chopped garlic until the wine is reduced to half a cup.

2.  Add next 5 ingredients and boil till reduced by half again.

3. Cook chopped bacon till crisp.  Remove bacon and set aside.   Add flour to the drippings and stir constantly till flour is browning.

4.  Whisk the reduced sauce into the browned flour and continue to cook and whisk until sauce thickens.

5.  Mix the bacon and bourbon into the sauce and cook for a couple of minutes more to cook the alcohol off the bourbon.  

Serve some good bread because you will want to 'sop' the plate to get every drop of this sauce.