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This is a chutney I made up.   I was serving an Indian Curried Chicken lunch special and I wanted a chutney to Sitara's Favorite Chutneygo with it so I looked through a couple of my cookbooks for chutney recipes.    I couldn't find any one particular chutney recipe I liked so I took the ingredients that appealed to me from several different recipes and put them all together.

Boy is this good.   It's sweet, sour, hot and spicy and absolutely delicious.   It hits your tongue in all the right places and It goes great with Indian cuisine as well as anything else you want to serve it with.

Recipe By     : Sitara
Serving Size  : 20   Preparation Time :0:30
Categories    : India                            Side Dishes

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
   --------     ------------      --------------------------------
   2            jars               Major Grey chutney
   4           medium        apple -- cubed small
   1          cup                raisins or sultanas or black currants
   1          medium        onion -- minced
   2          large              jalapenos -- seeded and chopped
   1          cup                coconut flakes
   1      small piece       fresh ginger
   1/4       cup                brown sugar
   1        tablespoon     molasses
   1         bunch             cilantro

In food processor put apple, onion, jalapenos, small piece of fresh ginger and Major Grey chutney, and pulse till vegetables are chopped small.  Put in bowl and mix in rest of ingredients.

Serve with Indian cuisine or as a side.