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When I was planning on moving Hizzoner's to a new location I hired Will Annett as my head chef.  He brought Galbreath Mountain Granolawith him his own granola recipe and our customers thought it was the best granola ever.   I have to give kudos to Will for bringing us this great version of granola.   I modified the recipe a bit, and you can add or subtract ingredients, use different nuts or fruit, whatever makes you happy.

Recipe By     : Will Annett - Modified by Sitara
Serving Size  : 20   Preparation Time :1:00
Categories    : Breakfast                        Health/Natural Healing

  Amount    Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    --------      ------------       --------------------------------
                        In sauace pan heat slowly till thin = 5 min.

   1/2           cup           Canola oil (use coconut oil to make it primal)
   1               cup           honey
   1/2           cup           brown sugar

                        Turn off heat and whisk in:

   1            teaspoons     vanilla
   1/2        teaspoon      cinnamon
                       In large bowl mix

  7            cups          rolled oats - regular oats, not quick cooking (use gluten free oats)
  1            cup           sunflower seeds -- raw or roasted
 1/2         cup            flax seeds, lightly ground
 1/2         cup            pecan pieces
 1/2         cup           almonds -- toasted

                        Add lquid and mix well
                       Put in baking pan very lightly sprayed with pan spray  and  bake 15-20  min @ 350.  If you like your granola crunchier, bake 20 minutes, if you like your granola softer, bake 15 minutes.

                        Stir completely  every 5 minutes
                        When pans come out of oven mix in -- ..optional

   1/2      cup           golden raisins
   1/2      cup           dried cranberries

             Let the granola cool completely and store it in an airtight container.

If you are eating more primal or paleo, add more and different kinds of seeds to this granola recipe.  You can leave out the brown sugar if you are really strict but it is a small amount for a large recipe.  I have been making this granola with more seeds than oats and it's fabulous.   I add pumpkin seeds and chia seeds to the mix as well.

  If your family is a big granola loving family, double this recipe.  It won't stay around long!!