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Won Ton Wrappers you buy at the grocery store make great appetizers and party food items.  They can be served hot, warm or cold.  There are tons of ideas as to how to use them.   Here are some suggestions and I'll bet  you have your own ideas too.  Won Ton

Basic Methodology:

Use miniature muffin pans and mold one won ton skin to each muffin cup.   Hint:  use a shot glass to mold them, it's so easy!  Spray two miniature muffin tins with cooking spray and mold the won tons in each cup and then spray very lightly again.  Bake them at 350 for about 7 - 8 minutes just till light golden brown.  Remove from muffin pans and put on a cookie sheet before filling.
You can use the won ton skins without trimming or use a 3-inch cookie cutter to trim them to fit
the muffin cups, or leave them tall and cute.

Here are a few recipes and ideas to play with.
You can make any of these recipes below using reduced fat cheeses if you like.

Chili con Queso Appetizers
      Chili con Queso Won Tons

24 won ton skins
1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
1/3 cup  ricotta cheese
1/4 cup canned green chilies, drained
1 tbsp  Sriracha or any good hot sauce,   more or less if  desired
1 tsp minced green onion
1/4 tsp  ground cumin
1/8 tsp salt
 pinch of black pepper
 jarred jalapeno slices for garnish, if desired
 pimento slices for garnish, if desired

Combine cheeses, chilies, Hot Sauce, Minced Green Onion, and Cumin in medium bowl; mix well.

Fill each pre baked won tn cup with  a tablespoon of the cheese filling.

Bake for 10 minutes or until bubbly.
Top with pimento and/or jalapeno slices.
Serve warm or at room temperature

Smoked Salmon Won ton Cups       Smked Salmon Won Tons

12 baked won ton cups, cooled
4 ounces smoked salmon
1/4 cup creme fraiche
1/4 cup diced cucumber
fresh dill

Fill each baked won ton cup with a little smoked salmon and cucumber, add a dollop of creme fraiche on top and garnish with a small sprig of fresh dill.

Fig and Goat Cheese Won Ton Cups

12 baked won ton cups, cooled
3 ounces goat cheese, at room temperature
2 tablespoons fig jam
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts
1 sprig of thyme

Place the chopped walnuts in a dry pan over medium heat and heat until lightly toasted, then set aside to cool.

Place a little fig jam at the bottom of each baked won ton cup. Add a dollop of the room temperature goat cheese on top of the jam, sprinkle with a few chopped walnuts and add a leaf of thyme to the top.

Taco Won tons                           Taco Won Ton

1 pkg Won Tons skins pre baked
1 lb. ground beef browned with taco seasoning
1 1/2 C Sharp Cheddar Cheese, grated
1 1/2 C Monterey Jack Cheese, grated
Small can black olives, diced
1/2 C Red Bell Pepper, diced
choped chives or green onion tops

Cook meat & drain. Add cheeses, olives & bell pepper and mix well.

Fill pre bake won tons & bake for 10 more minutes.  Top with chives.

Shrimp Remoulade Won Ton Appetizers

Use my remoulade sauce recipe.

The shrimp and the remoulade sauce should both be well chilled before filling the cups.

One pound of cooked, peeled shrimp, chilled.

Chop each shrimp into  about 3 chunks. Mix in the remoulade.

Spoon into the cooled won ton cups- it usually works out to be 1 whole shrimp per cup.
Sprinkle with  a little finely chopped fresh  parsley.

Pizza Won Ton Appetizers                     Pizza Won Tons

Brown and crumble sweet Italian sausage, drain.
Add some finely minced garlic, some oregano and marinara and simmer for a minute.
Put a spoon full in the  pre baked cups and add shredded mozzarella and/or Parmesan on the top.

Bake for 7-8 minutes till cheese is melted.

Even More Ideas

Fill them with crab or shrimp salad for a cold appetizer.

Shrimp Won Ton
Smoked Trout or Salmon & Cream Cheese
Mix together smoked trout or smoked salmon, softened cream cheese, diced red onion or grated apple and season with salt and pepper to taste. Spoon into the cups and top with  a chive sprig.

Pesto-Ricotta & Roasted Sweet Peppers
Mix 1 part pesto sauce with 3 parts ricotta until smooth; season with salt and pepper. Place a small amount into the cups. Roughly chop a roasted sweet pepper and place a couple pieces on top of the ricotta. Garnish with a tiny basil sprig or toasted pine nuts.

Pickled Beet & Goat Cheese
Peel one three-inch red beet, using the large holes on a box grater, and grate the beet into a small bowl. Season with 1 Tbsp. sherry vinegar; salt and pepper to taste. Let set for 30 minutes.
Place a small amount of pickled beet into the won ton cup and top with a piece of goat cheese.
Garnish with fresh thyme.
Orange Spiced Shrimp Cocktail
Mix together poached, peeled and chopped shrimp with cocktail sauce, fresh orange zest and a few drops of hot sauce. Spoon into the cups and top with dill sprigs.

Now that I've made you hungry, I bet you can think of lots more ways to use Won Tons!